Excerpt from TRAVELER

Shelby Manning is living a normal, if uneventful life, in modern-day Virginia when on a cold winter evening she stumbles across Carter Lindsey in a Civil War battlefield park. Bleeding and disoriented, and dressed in Union blue, he seems to think he actually fought in the Battle of Fredericksburg nearly 150 years ago. Believing him to be an injured reenactor, she takes him to the hospital, but though his body heals, his mind is still certain he is not from the present.

Maybe she should have written him off as crazy, but there is something about Carter Lindsey that draws her, something in his eyes, in his touch ... in the way she wants to do anything to help him.

Swept up in a passion she's never before known, Shelby may not understand what has happened to Carter, but she feels sure of one thing: if she has to defy time itself, they are meant to be together.


    Carter regarded me steadily. “What is it you find amusing, Miss Manning?”

    Thinking the moment needed a little levity, I said brazenly, “I was wondering what sort of kisser you’d be.”

    I was completely prepared for a prudish blush and relished the idea of distracting him with what he would consider shocking boldness. Instead, his eyes narrowed, and his mouth curved into a seductive smile that turned my stomach to jelly.

    “You could find out,” he offered in that voice, low and smooth as mulled wine.

    I tried to make my next comment light but failed. “Just because you see me as some sort of harlot,” I said in a very odd voice, “does not mean I am willing to experiment with you.”

    Carter’s relentless gaze warmed as he allowed himself a full, slow smile. “Then watch what you say, Shelby,” he said, “lest you be taken at your word.”

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